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НазваниеНазвание квеста УровеньУровень NPCФинальный NPC ТипТип квеста
Уровень: 0
Repent Your Sins 0Black Judge  
Proof of Clan Alliance 0Sir Kristof Rodemai  
Pursuit of Clan Ambition! 0Sir Gustav Athebaldt  
Competition for the Bandit Stronghold 0Messenger  
Blood Offering 0Нет  
A Clan's Reputation 0Sir Eric Rodemai  
The Clan's Prestige 0Valdis  
A Clan's Reputation 0Valdis  
A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts 0Messenger  
Уровень: 1
Kamael: A Window to the Future 1Dominic  
Quest for Fishing Shot 1Нет  
Уровень: 2
Letters of Love 2Darin  
What Women Want 2Arujien  
Miner's Favor 2Bolter  
Deliver Goods 2Arnold  
Sacrifice to the Sea 2Rockswell  
Уровень: 3
Step into the Future 3Roxxy  
To Talking Island 3Galladucci  
Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree 3Galladucci  
Into the Dark Forest 3Galladucci  
To the Immortal Plateau 3Galladucci  
The Road Home 3Galladucci  
Find Sir Windawood 3Abellos  
Bring Wolf Pelts 3Lector  
Keen Claws 3Payne  
Уровень: 4
Revenge of the Redbonnet 4Maryse Redbonnet  
Уровень: 5
Recover Smuggled Goods 5Wilford  
Уровень: 6
The Guard is Busy 6Gilbert  
Уровень: 8
Trade with the Ivory Tower 8Vollodos  
Collect Spores 8Herbiel  
Уровень: 9
Sword of Solidarity 9Roien  
Уровень: 10
Spirit of Mirrors 10Gallint  
Shards of Golem 10Harrys  
Collect Arrowheads 10Minia  
Уровень: 11
Legacy of the Poet 11Starden  
Dreaming of the Skies 11Arin  
Scent of Death 11Minaless  
Уровень: 12
Curse of the Underground Fortress 12Unoren  
Go Get the Calculator. 12Brunon  
Уровень: 15
Cure for Fever Disease 15Elias  
Millennium Love 15Lilith  
Dwarven Kinship 15Carlon  
Rancher's Plea 15Edmond  
Collector's Dream 15Alshupes  
Gatekeeper's Offering 15Tamil  
Tarantula's Spider Silk 15Mion  
Gatekeeper's Favor 15Wirphy  
Grim Collector 15Curtis  
Bard's Mandolin 15Swan  
Sorrowful Sound of Flute 15Nanarin  
Jovial Accordion 15Barbado  
Get a Pet 15Martin  
Уровень: 17
Crystals of Fire and Ice 17Katerina  
Subjugation of Lizardmen 17Weisz  
Уровень: 18
Catch the Wind 18Rizraell  
Sweetest Venom 18Astaron  
Уровень: 19
Dragon Fangs 19Luis  
To Lead and Be Led 19Pinter  
The Leader and the Follower 19Newyear  
Уровень: 20
Red-Eyed Invaders 20Babenco  
Walk of Fate 20Livina  
Ominous News 20Moira  
Hunting for Wild Beasts 20Pano  
Magnificent Feast 20Ranspo  
Fantasy Wine 20Harlan  
Yoke of the Past 20Нет  
In Search of Fragments of Dimension 20Нет  
In the Dimensional Rift 20Нет  
Grave Robber Annihilation 20Karuda  
Уровень: 21
Seed of Evil 21Biotin  
Blood Fiend 21Creamees  
Vanquish Remnants 21Leopold  
Sense for Business 21Sarien  
Making the Harvest Grounds Safe 21Norman  
Уровень: 23
Ghosts of Batur 23Karuda  
Уровень: 24
Help the Son! 24Lundy  
Adept of Taste 24Jonas  
Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! 24Rollant  
Уровень: 25
Help the Uncle! 25Waters  
Lizardmen's Conspiracy 25Praga  
Recover the Farmland 25Piotur  
Hunt of the Black Lion 25Sophya  
Collector of Jewels 25Nell  
Уровень: 26
Help the Sister! 26Cooper  
Runaway Youth 26Ivan  
I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath 26Galatea  
Уровень: 27
Chest caught with a bait of wind 27Lanosco  
Lanosco's Special Bait 27Lanosco  
Acts of Evil 27Alvah  
Уровень: 28
An Elder Sows Seeds 28Casian  
Уровень: 30
Beyond the Hills of Winter 30Filaur  
The Wishing Potion 30Matild  
A Looter and a Railroad Man 30Obi  
Aiding the Floran Village. 30Maria  
Уровень: 31
Birthday Party Song 31Octavia  
Уровень: 32
Arrow of Vengeance 32Belton  
Black Swan 32Gosta  
Уровень: 33
Curiosity of a Dwarf 33Rolento  
Уровень: 34
Gather Ingredients for Pie 34Emily  
Hunting Leto Lizardman 34Rath  
Уровень: 35
Song of the Hunter 35Grey  
Method to Raise the Dead 35Dorothy  
Little Wing 35Cooper  
Уровень: 36
Chest caught with a bait of icy air. 36O'Fulle  
O'Fulle's Special Bait 36O'Fulle  
Family Honor 36Galibredo  
Trespassing into the Sacred Area 36Restina  
Wild Maiden 36Suki  
Уровень: 37
Electrifying Recharge! 37Lorain  
Уровень: 38
Conquest of Alligator Island 38Kluck  
Wedding March 38Kantabilon  
Уровень: 39
The Ocean of Distant Stars 39Abey  
Help Rood Raise A New Pet! 39Rood  
Devil's Legacy 39Randolf  
A Broken Dream 39Ghost of a Railroad Engineer  
Уровень: 40
Status of the Beacon Tower 40Moira  
Coins of Magic 40Sorint  
Alligator Hunter 40Enverun  
Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower 40Cema  
Enhance Your Weapon 40Нет  
Warehouse Keeper's Pastime 40Cliff  
Signs of Revolt 40Torrant  
Уровень: 42
Searching for Treasure 42Espen  
Уровень: 43
Dig Up the Sea of Spores! 43Gauen  
Уровень: 45
An Obvious Lie 45Maximilian  
Little Wing's Big Adventure 45Cronos  
Уровень: 46
Pavel the Giant 46Newyear  
Influx of Machines 46Gutenhagen  
An Aged Ex-Adventurer 46Tantan  
Уровень: 47
Warehouse Keeper's Ambition 47Silva  
Уровень: 48
Chest caught with a bait of earth. 48Willie  
Willie's Special Bait 48Willie  
1000 years, the End of Lamentation 48Gilmore  
Silver Haired Shaman 48Dieter  
Уровень: 49
Resurrection of an Old Manager 49Yumi  
Уровень: 50
Pavel's Research 50Suspicious-Looking Pile of Stones  
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1 50Talien  
Audience with the Land Dragon 50Gabrielle  
Seductive Whispers 50Wilbert  
Уровень: 51
Exploration of the Giants' Cave, Part I 51Sobling  
Уровень: 52
Plunder Their Supplies 52Coleman  
Уровень: 53
The Other Side of Truth 53Rafforty  
An Ice Merchant's Dream 53Rafforty  
Уровень: 55
Power of Darkness 55Galman  
Let's Become a Royal Member! 55Sorint  
Kail's Magic Coin 55Vergara  
Уровень: 56
Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 56Manakia  
Уровень: 57
Supplier of Reagents 57Wesley  
Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2 57Sobling  
Уровень: 58
Stolen Dignity 58Romp  
Уровень: 59
Shriek of Ghosts 59Reva  
Legacy of Insolence 59Walderal  
Уровень: 60
Sweet Whispers 60Vladimir  
Chest caught with a bait of fire. 60Linnaeus  
Make a Pair of Dress Shoes 60Woodley  
In Search of Cloth 60Radia  
Find Glittering Jewelry 60Ellie  
Make a Sewing Kit 60Ferris  
Make Formal Wear 60Alexis  
Linnaeus' Special Bait 60Linnaeus  
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2 60Virgil  
An Arrogant Search 60Hanellin  
For Sleepless Deadmen 60Orven  
Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 60Manakia  
Into the Flame 60Klein  
A Dark Twilight 60Hierarch  
Heart in Search of Power 60Mysterious Necromancer  
Уровень: 61
Light and Darkness 61Hierarch  
A Game of Cards 61Klump  
Уровень: 62
The Coming Darkness 62Hierarch  
Уровень: 63
Go to the Pastureland! 63Vladimir  
Hidden Truth 63Mysterious Wizard  
Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest 63Tifaren  
Illegitimate Child of A Goddess 63Oltlin  
Necromancer's Request 63Mysterious Wizard  
Уровень: 64
Lidia's Heart 64Innocentin  
Уровень: 65
Bring Up With Love 65Tunatun  
Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead 65Dorian  
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 3 65Caradine  
Delicious Top Choice Meat 65Tunatun  
In the Forgotten Village 65Mina  
Уровень: 66
Meeting with the Golden Ram 66Donal  
Hiding Behind the Truth 66Benedict  
Secret Buried in the Swamp 66Abercrombie  
In Search of the Nest 66Pierce  
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force 66Kahman  
Clean up the Swamp of Screams 66Pierce  
The Zero Hour 66Kahman  
Уровень: 68
Shadow of Light 68Eye of Argos  
Egg Delivery 68Jeremy  
Specialty Liquor Delivery 68Jeremy  
Уровень: 71
Watching Eyes 71Eye of Argos  
The Finest Food 71Jeremy  
Уровень: 73
Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1 73Eye of Argos  
Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 2 73Eye of Argos  
The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 73Jeremy  
The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 73Jeremy  
Truth Beyond the Gate 73Eliyah  
Through the Gate Once More 73Flauron  
Seekers of the Holy Grail 73Innocentin  
Guardians of the Holy Grail 73Dominic  
Уровень: 74
Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs 74Cadmon  
Secret Meeting With Varka Silenos 74Cadmon  
Parcel Delivery 74Fundin  
Whereabouts of the Archaeologist 74Liesel  
Last Imperial Prince 74Nameless Spirit  
Alliance with Ketra Orcs 74Wahkan  
War with Varka Silenos 74Kadun Zu Ketra  
Magical Power of Water - Part 1 74Wahkan  
Alliance with Varka Silenos 74Naran Ashanuk  
War with Ketra Orcs 74Ashas Varka Durai  
Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 74Naran Ashanuk  
Gather the Flames 74Vulcan  
Relics of the Old Empire 74Ghost of Adventurer  
Four Goblets 74Nameless Spirit  
Journey to a Settlement 74Nameless Spirit  
Уровень: 75
To the Primeval Isle 75Anton  
Elrokian Hunter's Proof 75Marquez  
Meeting the Elroki 75Marquez  
Fate's Whisper 75Reorin  
Mimir's Elixir 75Ladd  
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 4 75Caradine  
Prove your courage! 75Kadun Zu Ketra  
Slay the enemy commander! 75Kadun Zu Ketra  
Magical Power of Water - Part 2 75Asefa  
Prove your courage! 75Ashas Varka Durai  
Slay the enemy commander! 75Ashas Varka Durai  
Magical Power of Fire - Part 2 75Udan Mardui  
A Powerful Primeval Creature 75Dinn  
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe 75Singsing  
Defeat the Elrokian Raiders! 75Dinn  
Уровень: 76
The Name of Evil - 1 76Mushika  
Уровень: 77
The Name of Evil - 2 77Asamah  
Attack Sailren! 77Shilen's Stone Statue  

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